Affordable Housing, Mount Hope, Bronx

Status: Complete
Location: Bronx, NY

Our client acquired two adjacent lots close to the Jerome Ave corridor in the Bronx. The site is close to public transportation, schools, stores and other infrastructure and is perfectly suited for an affordable housing development.

TWA designed a 10-story building, maximizing zoning envelope and permitted floor area. The new building contains 55 low-income apartments, amenities such as recreation space, rooftop terrace, spacious laundry room, large bicycle storage and an attractive lobby. The extremely tight construction budget was reflected in very efficient floor plate layouts, cost-effective MEP design and the use of raw materials like exposed concrete as architectural design accents.

The fa├žade design creates an architecturally appealing envelope which distributes lotline windows along both sides of the building to visually activate all four elevations. The building entrance is marked with a row of angled balconies which provides a distinct architectural character thus allowing residents to identify with their building.